Comment déterminer le nombre de panneaux dont j'ai besoin ?

How do I determine how many panels I need?

Things to say before you start:

You won't get a great acoustic environment by just installing one or two panels in a room (unless it's a very small room), if you have very big problems with poor acoustics.

That would of course help, but it probably wouldn't be enough.

As a general rule, you should cover the equivalent of 25% of the room's floor space with sound-absorbing material in order to achieve good acoustics in the room.

To find out the number of panels, you can use the following formula:

(Floor area x 0.25) / 1.44 = the quantity of acoustic panels needed to achieve good acoustics.

The reason you need to divide with 1.44 at the end is because one Acoupanneau covers 1.44 m² (square meters).

Let's do a quick scenario:

Let's say you have a living room with a floor space of 30 m².

So, in order to calculate the quantity of panels needed in the room to obtain good acoustics, we use the following calculation:

(30 x 0.25) / 1.44 = 5.2

In this case, a total of 5.2 acoustic panels are needed in the living room in order to achieve a good acoustic environment.

All you have to do is round up or down, as we only make whole panels.

It's not that difficult, is it?

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