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Mounting glue

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Cette colle produite localement permet un confort de pose indéniable. Nous recommandons d'appliquer un ½ tube de colle par panneau en cordon épais comme représenter dans l'illustration.

Gluing supports for MS HIGH TACK+ Glue

Raw steel, Raw aluminum, Raw stainless steel, Composite, ABS, Polycarbonate, PVC, PMMA, Alucobond, Dibond, Concrete, Plaster, Wood, Stone,

Detail of MS HIGH TACK+ Mastic Glue

310ml cartridge

White colour

To use this product, you will need a silicone gun type gun.

Surface preparation of MS HIGH TACK+ Glue

Dust your supports.

On most surfaces, a simple wipe with a cloth is sufficient.

On metal surfaces, care must be taken to eliminate all traces of oil, grease, oxide layers and other contamination.

For degreasing use IPA alcohol

For raw aluminum, a Mirlon type abrasive.

In case of burrs, clean with acetone.

Wall installation Glue

It is possible to glue the Acoupanneau directly to the wall with our mounting glue, made locally.
It offers high initial adhesion and high internal cohesion.
Thanks to its HIGH TACK technology, this glue acts like a third hand and provides undeniable installation comfort.
We recommend applying ½ tube of glue per panel in a thick bead as shown in the illustration.
Once the panel is placed against the wall, apply regular pressure over the entire surface of the Acoupanneau.

Mur d'escalier en tasseaux de bois

Designed to combine unique design and acoustic performance

You will love your first wooden strip wall with acoustic panel made from recycled plastic and wood from sustainably managed forests.

Listen to the difference

Sans Acoupanneau Avec Acoupanneau

Easy installation in less than 15 minutes!

Our wooden strip wall panels (Acoupanneau) have a size of 240x60 cm, so installation is relatively quick, no need for DIY skills!

You can easily create a modern space and obtain better acoustics by installing our Wood Vibe wood strip wall panels on your wall.

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WoodVibe, a French company with strong values

Natural, responsible and sustainable materials

The forest is allowed to reproduce more trees than are cut down, and we also ensure good conditions for the workers and the flora and fauna of the forest.

Made 100% in France and Europe

All raw materials, manufacturing, assembly and delivery of our Acoupanneaux is carried out from Europe, part of which is in France.

Limited stocks for the well-being of the planet

We place the eco-responsibility of our products at the center. Strong values ​​that push us to limit stocks for the well-being of our planet!

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