How to install wooden batten panels on the wall?


Acoustic panels can be used to create beautiful striped walls and ceilings.

Our guide allows you to install our Acoupanneaux® in the best possible way.

Materials required for assembly:

Step 1: Preparing the wall

Eliminate coarse impurities
Remove screws, nails, etc.

    Step 2: Mounting the battens

      (This step is optional for installation directly on the wall)

      Arrange the battens horizontally, across the entire width of your wall. We recommend 45 mm battens for class A acoustic insulation.
      A spacing of 60 cm must be left between each cleat in height.

      Step 3: Insert the mineral wool between the battens:

      (Class A acoustic insulation)
      Insert 45mm thick mineral wool (or similar to the thickness of the wooden slats) between the slats

      Step 4: Cut Acoupanneaux® lengthwise

      Set up a workbench or a martyr board
      We advise you to turn the Acoupanneau “felt side up” and place it on the martyr board.

      Draw the cutting line.

      Staple or screw on either side of the cutting line, so that the battens remain stable during and after cutting. Be careful not to use screws that are too long (15 mm max)

        Using a circular saw: To prevent the veneer from being damaged, keep the panel felt side up when cutting. When cutting with a circular saw, the splinters are generally located on the top because the blade, by its direction of rotation, attacks from below and comes up.
        With the multifunction saw: Wood side up.
        With a handsaw: Wood side up, maintain a 45° angle for sawing.

          Step 5: Attach the Acouprings

          Present the first panel, make sure the panel is laid level.
          Use black screws (35mm) to screw through the felt into the slat.
          We recommend 15 screws per Acoupanneau (5 rows of 3 screws).
          Acoustic panels can also be mounted directly on the wall with screws or glue (sound insulation class D)

              Step 6: Cut the Acoupanneaux widthwise

              Cutting across the width is very simple; at the end of the wall, it may be necessary to cut the panels.

                Cut out the Acoupanneau by cutting the felt with a cutter.
                Attach the last acoustic panel to the wall with black screws through the felt

                  Congratulations !

                  Your wall is now completely installed.

                  The room acoustics are now much better and reverberation is removed, you can now relax and enjoy acoustic comfort.

                  If you need assistance with installation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                  We will be very happy to see the result!

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