Comment faire un mur en tasseaux sur du placo ?

How to make a strip wall on placo?

Do you want to install battens on a placo support?

This is a simplified tutorial, without cutting!

Here's how to make a strip wall , with ready-to-use Acoupanneaux!

First of all, equip yourself with these tools:

  • Screw
  • Screw anchor
  • Screwdriver
  • Level

  1. Pre-install (15 screws per panel) between the battens.
  2. Position the first batten panel on its future location.
  3. Screw lightly to mark the location of the screws on the wall.
  4. Remove the panel.
  5. Screw screw anchors into the marked locations.
  6. Reposition your panel, then screw completely

Well done !

You have placed your Acoupanneau! It wasn't that difficult!

All you have to do is repeat the operation with the next Acoupanneau.

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