Here is a playlist of tutorial videos

We have grouped together all the videos necessary for the installation of the panels, including good practices to follow during installation as well as useful tips and tricks.

Easily Install Acoupanneaux®

In this simplified tutorial video, I will show you how to easily install Acoupanneaux on a plasterboard support. For this, I will use the fixing plugs which you can find by clicking on the button below:

Fixing anchors

Installation, cutting, stick and glue!

In this video, I take you step by step through the installation of acoupannels on a TV wall. You will also learn how to precisely cut the hinged panels and attach a finishing strip using our special glue, which is also used to glue the hinged panels. To access the glue, simply click on the button below:

Wood Vibe Glue

How to install HexaGo Acouprings

In this video I demonstrate the installation of Acoupanneau HexaGo.


How to integrate sockets / switches

In this video I demonstrate how to install a socket on a piece of Acoupanneau.


Headboard + ceiling!

In this configuration, we will install the “Fumé” Acoupanneaux as a headboard and extend them to the ceiling.